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FLU RESTRICTIONS (Effective January 8): Due to a steady increase in flu cases in our community and in our hospitals, children age 12 and younger should not visit people in Cone Health hospitals. Get the Details

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Women's HospitalEvery year, nearly 6,000 women like you choose to deliver their babies at Women’s Hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina. In addition to our excellent medical staff and facilities, you’ll have access to our comprehensive pregnancy and childbirth services, and will enjoy our inclusive family-focused care, homelike rooms, and excellent food services.

Maternity Admissions

Whether it’s time to have your baby or your physician would like to have an issue monitored, you’ve come to the right place – simply enter through our Maternity Admissions Unit (MAU) entrance. Located on the Women’s Hospital access road on the east side of the hospital, MAU has short-term parking spaces.

Our MAU staff of registered nurses, nurse secretaries/nurse technicians, and advanced practice providers admit and treat one third of the 9,500 visitors who come through our doors each year.

Upon arrival, our registrar will take a moment to reconfirm your admission information and complete any necessary paperwork. After registration, you will be evaluated by one of our MAU nurses or other medical staff. If you have any questions about pre-registration, contact Maternity Admissions Registration at 336-832-6536.

Once admitted, you may move to the Birthing Suites to deliver your newborn. If you are having a c-section, you’ll be transferred to the operative services area instead. Once you deliver, you’ll recover and bond with your baby and partner. In the event you or your baby need special care, our advanced medical care team is available. You and your baby will be admitted to a room in the Mother Baby Unit where your extended family can join you.

When it’s time for you and your baby to go home, direct your loved ones to the Women’s Hospital main entrance. Our discharge time is 11 a.m.

Intensive Care (NICU, AICU, and PICU)

If you or your loved one requires specialized intensive care, Women’s Hospital offers an exceptional Adult Intensive Care Unit(AICU) and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) on premises. Our Cone Health Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), specifically designed for children 18 years old and younger, is located at Moses Cone Hospital along with our Children’s Emergency Department.

Our AICU is a four-bed inpatient intensive care unit that provides acute nursing care to antepartum and postpartum women. Located on the third floor of Women’s Hospital, all rooms are private and directly across from the nursing station.

It’s not uncommon for newborns to need extra care, especially if born prematurely. Our 36-bed Level II and Level III NICU is staffed by an exceptional team of specialists, who provide a full range of follow-up services as you transition home.

Comfort Program

While pregnancy and childbirth are joyous times for many, for those who suffer the loss of a pregnancy or infant, it can be an extraordinarily difficult time. We at Women’s Hospital unite our hearts with our patients, families, and others who are affected by such a profound loss. As families and other loved ones go through this process, it’s often helpful to have support. That’s why Women’s Hospital offers a Comfort Program for those affected by the loss of a baby.


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