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Tummy Time and Back To Sleep

Tummy TimeOnce your infant is two to three weeks old, you can begin “tummy time” when your baby is awake. Start by placing your baby on his or her stomach across your lap or chest several times a day before moving to a mat or other safe location. An adult should always supervise your baby during tummy time, which strengthens your child’s neck and shoulder muscles.

Back to Sleep

For sleep, babies should be placed on their backs. By allowing tummy time during the day, this will help prevent flattening of the back of your baby’s head. You can also prevent flattening by alternating the position of your baby’s head during naps and nighttime. Some parents alternate their baby’s head position each day. Limiting the time your child spends in swings, car seats and bouncy seats may also prevent flattening of the back of the head, too.

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  • Tummy Time and Back To Sleep